James Moffatt Racing believes the key to a successful racehorse is a relaxed and happy thoroughbred horse. Based in the beautiful village of Cartmel in the Lake District we provide a comfortable environment and a tailored training regime for each individual horse. Our yard is relaxed but always professional and always committed to the welfare of our horses. We want to succeed, we want our horses to succeed. We will always search for the little details and improvements that make a difference, to produce winning horses.

James Moffatt always puts the horses first. He believes:
‘The more a horse relaxes the more he eats, the more he eats the more work he can be given, the more work he can be given the fitter he gets and the fitter he gets the more races he will win.’

We work very closely with our local, specialist vets and farrier to ensure and maintain the very best health and well being of our horses. Any ailments and potential behavioural issues are identified and dealt with before they can become major problems.

James has always been around and involved with racehorses. He grew up in a training yard and was himself a National Hunt jockey, winning a Scottish Champion Hurdle and at the Cheltenham Festival. He has worked with some of the best and most experienced trainers, including Tommy Stack, Sue and Harvey Smith, Howard Johnson and Jim Old. James understands racehorses, he understands how to train racehorses and how to create a successful team. He is continuously developing his methods and facilities to ensure that the horses in his care have the best opportunities to become winners.

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Owning a Racehorse

Owner Experience

James Moffatt Racing appreciates that owning a racehorse is a significant and important investment for any owner, as an individual, in a partnership or as part of a syndicate. Providing owners with opportunities to go racing with their horses, in races they can be competitive in, is key.

Just as important is regular and informative communication with owners about their horses. James is friendly and approachable, always available for discussions about a horses’ well being, updates on training and possible race targets. Owners are welcome to visit the stables and will always be given appropriate time and attention to ensure they get full value and feedback during their visits.

Owning a racehorse is the ultimate dream for many people, a wonderful opportunity to savour and enjoy. James Moffatt Racing Stables aims to ensure that an owner gets the very best, value for money and fun experience.